D&D 5th Edition Basic Game – Free to Download This July

ll_20140527The Basic D&D free PDF has been announced by WotC. It will release in July, at the same time as the Starter Set Box, and it will get updates as other books – including the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and adventures are released.

“Basic D&D is a PDF that covers the core of the game. It’s the equivalent of the old D&D Rules Cyclopedia, though it doesn’t have quite the same scope (for example, it won’t go into detail on a setting). It runs from levels 1 to 20 and covers the cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard, presenting what we view as the essential subclass for each. It also provides the dwarf, elf, halfling, and human as race options.”
– Mike Mearls, Senior Manager for the D&D research and design team

This is a great approach to get both new players and veterans to check out the new rules without having to take out a car loan. I’ll still be grabbing the D&D Starter Set on launch day.

I’m wondering if it will be impossible to convert existing 4e character races and classes from PH2 and PH3 to this edition of the rules. It looks like we’ll have to be happy with the 4 classic character classes (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard) and 4 races (Human, Halfling, Dwarf and Elf) until the Player’s Handbook comes out on August 19th. At 320 pages, it will be very close to the page count of the first 4th Edition Player’s Handbook which had 8 classes and 8 races.

Legend of Zelda – Four Swords Rules v1.3

If you are looking for a fun little game to run as a one-shot you could try out 4 Swords. It uses a simplified version of D&D’s 4th Edition rules and balances fighting monsters with competing/cooperating with 3 other Link characters.

Here’s the latest version of the rules we are using for this game. I’ve run 2 sessions now and it’s been fun for both me the GM and the players.

D&D 5th Edition – Tyranny of Dragons & More Announced

Wizards of the Coast officially finally unveiled release dates and real details about the upcoming Tyranny of Dragons storyline and announcing the D&D Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide.


They are doing a staggered release:

  • Starter Box $19.99 MSRP – July 15, 2014
    see Amazon link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0786965592/
  • Tyranny of Dragons – New Module for D&D MMO – August 14, 2014
  • Players Handbook – August 14-17, 2014 (at Gen Con)
  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen Adventure (Tyranny of Dragons 1) – August 19, 2014
  • Monster Manual – September 30, 2014
  • The Rise of Tiamat Adventure (Tyranny of Dragons 2) October 21, 2014 November 4th, 2014
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide – ???
  • D&D miniatures from WizKids – ???

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New logo you can see on the D&D Twitter feed


Council of Thieves – Session 1

We’re playing a Pathfinder Adventure Path module called The Bastards of Erebus by Sean K Reynolds this weekend.

From Paizo.com

The city of Westcrown is dying. Since being stripped of its station as the capital of Cheliax, the wealth and prestige of the city has gradually slipped away, leaving the desperate people to fend for themselves in a city beset by criminals, a corrupt nobility, and a shadowy curse. Can the PCs fight back against champions of both the law and the criminal world?

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for characters of 1st to 3rd level. The Council of Thieves Adventure Path is the first to take full advantage of the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, and works with both the Pathfinder RPG and the standard 3.5 fantasy RPG rules set.

It’s part 1 of 6 of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path that came out way back when Pathfinder was new. The module is designed for levels 1-3. I’m going to modify it a bit to add more stealth elements, but it seems like it will be a pretty fun little urban adventure. The price is $13.99 at Paizo or comes as part of the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

Hyrulean Adventure Homebrew

This is a Hyrulean Adventure for 4 players and 1 GM per session that I’m going to start running on Roll20. We’re using homebrew rules of D&D 4e (heavy on homebrew). Gameplay style is inspired by the The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures, but borrows from all of the Zelda-verse. Find out more here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/13433/the-legend-of-zelda-four-swords-adventures


  • video game like delve where Link is split into 4 players (Red, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • each player will have a sword and their own unique power-up (eg fire, arrow, bomb, boomerang, etc)
  • players cooperate to solve obstacles/puzzles and defeat enemies
  • players race to get rupees when random rupees (zelda equivalent of gems) appear on the board
  • game focus is on quick battles and getting loot VS. exploration and role play
  • each session is designed to be 2-3 hours long
  • sessions can be standalone, league based OR part of a campaign to save Hyrule