Chris Perkins – Den of Geek Interview

Den of Geek was able to spend some time with Chris Perkins (Wizards of the Coast) to discuss the Forgotten Realms and all the related books, comics, video games and tabletop adventures that call it home.

Perkins also gives some limited but interesting answers about Krynn and other world in the multiverse.

In the coming years, we hope to visit several of our established worlds and see what’s happening there. One of the great things about D&D is that these worlds all exist in the same multiverse, allowing us to travel from one world to another as story and opportunity allows. While I can’t speak to any specific crossover plans, I can say that we’re open to the possibility, if the right story comes along.”

“We’ll visit Krynn again when the stars align and we have the perfect Dragonlance story to tell.”

I’m hoping we get some details on Wizard of the Coast’s upcoming storyline plans early in 2015.

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Shawn Ellsworth

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