Paizo RPG Superstar 2015 Contest

Paizo’s RPG Superstar design content is back for the 8th time. The 4 finalists will win writing contracts with Paizo and the big winner gets to write their own Pathfinder Module.

RPG Superstar 2015 will be hosted by Owen K. Stephens and judged by a panel of people from the industry, Paizo staff and former winners. Entries are due December 16, 2014, so get writing.

Paizo says:
“In the end, four finalists will be offered professional writing contracts with Paizo, an opportunity to jumpstart their game design careers working on the various Pathfinder projects. Three runners-up will win the opportunity to write Pathfinder Society Scenarios. The winner of RPG Superstarâ„¢ 2015 will win the ultimate prize, writing their own adventure for the Pathfinder Modules line!”

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Shawn Ellsworth

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