Aquatic Talk with DM’s Block

TL;DR: If you’re reading this column, you’ll want to listen to this pod.

This week I sit down with DM Mitch and DM Chris from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast to talk about everything both roleplyaing and aquatic. If you aren’t familiar with this terrific podcast, the DM’s Block discusses the ins and outs of running RPGs for new and old gamers alike. I started gaming circa 1977 and I find new ideas and reminders of the coolest older ideas in every episode. When I approached the guys about focusing on the how’s and why’s of aquatic campaigns, they were all-in.

During an interview a few years ago, I threw down the gauntlet for opening the RPG world to the wonders of undersea gaming. If “From the Depths” is the beachhead in that battle, this podcast is the first assault.

Mitch, Chris, and I discuss adventure ideas, plot hooks, monsters, real-world marine biology, unique underwater terrain and hazards, dive physiology, oceanography, space exploration, why Aquaman is better than Namor (yes, Mitch, it’s like that), and so much more. No matter what system or genre you are running, this pod’s got something for you.

When you’re finished, you may want to indulge in every episode. Give in to that impulse. Whether you’re a roleplaying grognard or a freshly-minted Gamemaster, this is the podcast many of us have been waiting for.


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