System Agnostic: The City of Salt in Wounds [Part 2]


New Website for Salt in Wounds!

The Order of God Butchers

Amidst the city, the god butchers are hard to miss.

Hugely muscled men and women, grown strong from a working life of toil and a diet of some of the freshest, most choice cuts from the ever-providing body of the great beast which is the entire reason for Salt in Wound’s existence. They carry their stylized greatswords nearly everywhere. Contrary to popular opinion, these weapons turned tools are not exclusively adamantine, many nowadays are forged of the Tarrasque’s bones, material that cuts… read more here!


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Action horror writer and freelance game designer J.M. Perkins pays his bills by working procurement for a biotech company and by making things up. He's got over 20 short stories, some game books, and a novel in print. His website is he writes a fantasy tabletop setting built around the perpetual butchery of the Tarrasque called The City of Salt in Wounds, and you can buy his gaming book about surviving and thriving as the class everybody expects to die horribly The Adequate Commoner.