Terrify Your Players in all the Right Ways!

Award-Winning author and Tribality.com contributor, J.M. Perkins, guests on the Dungeon Master’s Block¬†this week talking about survivalism and horror in gaming. One of J.M.’s incredible strengths is taking the simplest items or creatures most gamers ignore, and creating a horrific situation that not only makes sense, it rocks your players’ minds. New or old. From his article turning a ring of sustenance into a thing of terror, to building an economy around the butchering of a living monster, J.M. is the only horror writer that makes me rethink how I look at the world.

Just 15 minutes into this pod I had 5 ideas for fresh campaigns, from an apocalypse born of a single shadow, to allying with the ancient enslaved gith to throw off the shackles of an illithid-dominated world. Not to mention learning that the oldest known story in human history involved a zombie apocalypse!

Survivalism and horror done¬†well involves describing the world around your players with a writer’s detail. If you take nothing else away from this episode, J.M. helps inspire your creative language to immerse your players in whatever story you’re telling. Do not miss it.

DM’s Block: Survivalist and Horror Gaming


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