Cast Your Vote – D&D March Madness Creature Competition – Elemental Evil

The elemental cults have put forward a number of candidates, vying for the position of Champion Elemental Cultist!

Even Wizards of the Coast have caught March Madness, setting up their very own 5 round bracket elimination tournament of duels between elemental creatures. You can vote for Round 1 until March 26, 2015.

Visit the site and vote for each match-up in Round 1

Future Rounds

  • Round 2: March 27-April 2
  • Round 3: April 3-April 9
  • Round 4: April 10-April 16
  • Round 5: April 17-April 23

About the Storyline

The Cult of Elemental Evil has recently emerged throughout Fearun. Each of the four cults (earth, air, fire, water) has gathered around an elemental prophet and recruited its share of monstrous allies. And while destruction of Faerun—through elemental disasters—remains the ultimate goal, there’s certainly competition between the four cults as to which can prove their ultimate dominance.



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