PaizoCon Product Announcements and Sneak Peeks!

PaizoCon ends today and yesterday they posted a sneak peak of upcoming products.

“One of the exciting parts about PaizoCon for a lot of our attendees, fans, and onlookers are the juicy spoilers and announcements that come out of the show (whether it comes from one our RPG or Adventure Path panels, or the Preview Banquet). So, let’s take a look at what’s coming this November and beyond!”


Ultimate Intrigue

“Ultimate Intrigue will reveal new options for skill-based classes (like the alchemist, bard, druid, hunter, inquisitor, investigator, mesmerist, ranger, rogue, slayer, or spiritualist), a complete influence system, feats and spells that can be used in social settings, and THE VIGILANTE!”

Other highlights of the new products include:

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