All Mass Effect FATE RPG Nominations Have Been Removed

The fan created Mass Effect FATE RPG that was Judge nominated on Monday to three spots; Best Electronic Book, Best Free Product, and Product of the Year has been removed from the slate of nominees.

It is contested that the author, Don Mappin, may have seriously violated the Intellectual Property rights of several parties that would include EA/Bioware. Don argues that he has not violated any IP, or been contacted about any possible IP violations. Don has 30 years of RPG experience and is part of the creative team at the Gnome Stew.  The fan created RPG was available on Drivethrurpg but was pulled, and is still available at LuLu (no profit) for $32.75

10 of My Favorite Things from June!

Another month has gone by and another stack of amazing things have floated down my social media stream. This month includes podcasts, artists, novels, RPG supplements, and two cool new Kickstarters!

PLEASE NOTE: These are not presented in any particular order. There’s no #1 or #10 favorite thing, they are all items I’m incredibly excited about. Also, the number of Favorite Things each month will likely vary; if there’s only 1 cool thing, it will be a short article, though I will likely try to limit them to 10 per month and roll cool things over to the next month.

Ideas for a Fairy Tale Campaign Setting

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m continuing to look at campaign settings that go beyond the typical fantasy worlds most of us play in each week. In each article in the series I’ll provide notes on running a campaign (or adventure) in a campaign setting inspired by less typical D&D settings and genres such as lost world, steampunk, ancient mythology, pirates, gun fu, sci-fi, wild west and more. My weekly game in the Seas of Vodari has my players slowly progressing towards a forest covered island, where I’m sure they’ll encounter some fairies and other Fey. I thought that this week we could look at Ideas for a Fairy Tale Campaign Setting. I’m not referring to a trip to the Feywild, but actual storybook fairy tales like we see in movies such as Frozen, Tangled, Maleficent, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Deities & Demigods – Part 2

Last week, I put together the stats for the demigod Hachiman from the Japanese Mythos found in the 1980 Deities & Demigods. A lot of people asked me to continue, and so I am putting together a trinity of Shinto gods; Amaterasu-ōmikami, Susanowo-no-Mikoto, & Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto from the Japanese Mythos. These three are all siblings and children of Izanagi-no-Okami. So here is the first of the Trinity, Amaterasu. She happens to be one of the most powerful Gods in the Mythos:

Psionics, Part Two

Last time in History of the Classes, we looked at the first iteration of psionics rules ever to enter D&D and the themes that the Gygax and Blume were addressing. Psionics are optional rules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (First Edition), as they are in every edition, but this is the only time in six editions that rules for PC psionics appear in the core books. (Notably, some creatures in the Monster Manual may be psionic even when the developers have not yet published any other psionics rules at all.) I’ll also examine the articles on psionics in Dragon #78.

(Part One)

Magic: First Steps into Competitive Play

Today, I’m writing something special, outside of the purview of my usual work in the Eye of the Beholder. Today, I’m talking about how to pick up Magic: The Gathering, and begin to play it more actively. As a bit of background, I’m a competitive MTG (Short for Magic: The Gathering) player. I’ve played at quite a few very large events, including GP Vegas, which I wrote a tournament report for. Now, I decided to talk a little about how to get “into” Magic.

5 Shakespeare Plays Perfect for D&D

For some, Shakespeare means amazing stories, fantastic characters, and romantic prose. For others, it is akin to nails on a chalkboard. Occasionally even mentioning the name Shakespeare can get a groan or a sigh out of people. The problem being that far too many people had their first exposure to the Bard reading the text in boring English classes or listening to venerable old actors croak out lines on a recording. This method of painful delivery no doubt scarred many people for life and gave Shakespeare a bad reputation.

Playtest Pathfinder’s Ultimate Intrigue

Go full Bruce Wayne and Batman with Pathfinder RPG’s Ultimate Intrigue. The 256 hardcover page book coming out in early 2016 and includes:

  • NEW vigilante base class which focuses on the twin roles of social encounters and adventuring and is able to adopt two identities at once
  • social duels, heists, an influence system, along with the expected archetypes, spells, feats, and gear