Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex – D&D 5e Homebrew Monster

Jurassic World has already made over 1.5 billion dollars at the box office worldwide. Last weekend, my family was able to get to the movies after our vacation and see Jurassic World. I already posted a couple of dinosaur related articles (Prehistoric/Lost World Campaign Setting and D&D 5e Monster for a Prehistoric Encounter), but after watching the movie I wanted to try building my own super dinosaur for D&D 5e. Check out my homebrew monster build of Indominus Rex with a full stat block.

This article has some minor spoilers from the movie. Stop reading now if you want to avoid any spoilers from this summer’s huge box office hit Jurassic World.

Psionics, Part Five

Welcome back to History of the Classes, after a week of ridiculous polling and a week off. We return to the history of psionics in D&D, already in progress. This article discusses psionics in Third Edition D&D. I think I can fairly sum up the approach as making psionic classes as close to pre-existing classes and mechanics as possible – it’s a spell point system with some weird parapsychology mixed in.

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Dark Sun)

Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins, the brand-new Magic: The Gathering digital experience, is now available for PC via Steam! Magic Duels offers limitless free gameplay, hundreds of unlockable cards, many exciting multiplayer modes (including the return of fan-favorite Two-Headed Giant!), and regular content updates that reflect the latest Magic: The Gathering card sets, starting with the upcoming release of the Magic Origins set. The game was released for iPhone and iPad earlier this month, with Xbox One launching July 31 and PS4 coming later this year.

Gen Con 2015 – Day 0

Today’s the day when people arrive at Gen Con 2015 and set-up booths. While Gen Con really gets going tomorrow, there’s actually some stuff going on at Gen Con 2015 already. Today’s also the day when Tribality’s Mike (driving) and Rich (flying) arrive at the convention. Mike has a press pass and Rich is booked solid with booth visits, events, seminars and running and playing games.

New Tribality Community Created – Tribal Council

We have some very exciting news!!! Because of all the support that we’ve received through Patreon, we have been able to put together something new & exciting.

We have added a new forum called the Tribal Council for all our readers to stay in touch with all of the writers and other readers. We’ve slowly been inviting people to the community, but now we think it is ready to open it up to everyone.

  • You can find the community at: http://community.tribality.com/
  • There is a special section of the forum just for our Patreon supporters where we will share exclusive content with them.
  • We’ll be adding a link to the main navigation soon.
  • Please take a few minutes (link top right) to register and start participating in the community.
  • Once registered you can add your own avatar and provide information such as your location in your profile.

The dust is still settling and we might still need to iron out some issues. Just let us know if you have any experience any issues with the forum.

Interview with Author and “Hero System” Hero, Steven S. Long

GenCon 2015 is upon us and in celebration of this Gamers’ Pilgrimage I’ll be bringing you interviews from a few of my own industry heroes. This week, game designer, author, and early-20th Century map scholar, Steven S. Long Esquire. I met Steven in person during GenCon 2014 (after having chatted on social media for a few years) and I’m not too manly to admit I was nervous; Hero is my favorite system of all time and playing it had a huge influence on me as a designer and as a roleplayer. Steven’s intelligence, generosity, and enthusiasm for helping up-and-coming designers made meeting him one of the highlights of my first ever GenCon.

For more on my love of Champions, link over to www.gameschangelives.com or my recent interview with The Caleb G on the RPG Academy