Could YOU Be Psychic?

Welcome to the first round of Tribality’s Psi-Testing. You will be pushed to the limit of your knowledge of D&D psionics in all their bizarre glory. Now, as every schoolchild knows, there are not two, but three degrees of psychic capability, made clear in the etymology of psionic. As Wikipedia explains:

“The term comes from psi (‘psyche’) and the -onics from electronics (machine), which implied that the paranormal powers of the mind could be made to work reliably.”

A psion, then, is one who masters the psyche, while a psychic suffers from it. A wild talent has one or two psychic elements that have erupted despite their best efforts to keep it together. Let’s find out what you’ve got.


Welcome to your Could YOU Be Psychic, Psionic, or Just a Wild Talent?




1) What was the first edition of D&D to feature psychic abilities in the core rules?
2) What was the first edition of D&D to feature a psionicist class?
3) In OD&D, what are the odds that a first-level Druid with 15 Int, 18 Wis, and 16 Cha has psychic power?
4) Your ally is at the bottom of a 10-foot pit, about to be psionically blasted by a mind flayer. Which of the following defense modes should you activate to save your ally?
5) In AD&D, First Edition, what is the maximum starting psionic defense strength?
6) Which of the following multi-class combinations is legal in AD&D, Second Edition?
7) What natural creature does the psionic baku most resemble?
8) Did anyone ever play a xeph in D&D 3.5?
9) Are these the droids you’re looking for?
10) Complete the following sentence. I am a ____ and have failed to report this to Friend Computer the Dungeon Master.

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If you got at least one question right, you are definitely psychic. Please report to Alfred Bester for, uh, further testing.

If you got at least five questions right, you are a wild talent. Please report to the Psi Corps for mandatory entertainment.

If you got all ten questions right, you are a psion. “Get out of my head, Charles!” is all I have to say to you.

If you got all ten questions right and laughed all of the stupid jokes along the way, congratulations! There is a 99.9% chance that you are literally me. I owe you an apology! Especially for that last slice of leftover pizza. It should have stayed left, because it didn’t go over.


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