Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Preview – Preface

We have our first preview for the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide unlocked via Extra Life Donations! Check out the preface to learn more about the “history, lands, and peoples of Faerûn, of the great city-states of the Sword Coast and the North, of the world’s gods, and of the factions and forces that support and threaten civilization”.

Hypercorps 2099 – PF/5E Superheroes and Cyberpunk – Kickstarter

Hypercorps 2099 is a rules system that adds cyberpunk superheroics to the fantasy systems you love. His previous project, the Veranthea Codex goes on sale this month, but you can find him at the AdventureAWeek.com AaWBlog, or in products from Fantasy Flight GamesRogue Genius Games, and Paizo Publishing.

The Kickstarter has already funded and hit its first stretch goal: Rich Howard joining the team to create 5th edition Hypercorps!

Novel Inspiration: Chagrians for 5th edition

Chagrians are a Star Wars species seen in many of the films and Expanded Universe media, most notably as the assistant to the Emperor, and it’s one I only recently discovered has an aquatic origin. Though there are scores of aquatic sentient species listed in the Wookieepedia, not all of them add something new to a campaign. The chagrians provide an intriguing mix of physical strength, intelligence, and higher education you don’t see in many other races.

Beyond the Wall: Where OSR Simplicity Meets OGL Mechanics

As the cicadas sang their whirring courtship song, Galen’s grip on his father’s sword tightened. It had only been a few hours since the goblins had raided the village, and the wounds of the previous night’s violence were still fresh in the young man’s heart and mind. The foul creatures had come in the night, burning and pillaging. Before it was over, the granary was razed and Galen’s parents were dead. Worse still, Galen’s sister – a girl of only 14 summers – was one of several villagers kidnapped by the goblins.

Old School D&D Dungeon Module Conversion Guide

I’m writing an article on converting one of my favorite D&D modules for use with D&D 5th Edition. So I have a method that I’m using, and thought I should write down my thoughts. Maybe you guys like this stuff. 🙂  So what follows are the details of a conversion guide that I’ve put together that I am using. It may change as I get further into the conversion, but hopefully not a lot:

Guardians of the Galaxy – D&D 5e Character Builds

Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $774 million worldwide at the box office, a sequel is on the way in 2017 and they even have a cartoon series on Disney XD. While Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in a science fiction setting, this crew of rogues and misfits figuring out how to work together to save the galaxy, felt like a great RPG campaign unfolding. Trying to create super hero player characters for D&D has its flaws (but they’re still fun to build like these Avengers). Quill and his crew have few traditional “super” powers and are actually much closer to a bunch of mid level D&D characters running around creating trouble before saving the day. Don’t forget magic is just advanced technology in the Marvel cinematic universe, so bring on the magic in a sci-fi setting too.

This week on the Campaign Trail I thought I’d offer DMs some premade characters to use or for players to look at for ideas when creating their next PC.

The Ranger Class, Part Two

Now that we’ve got a baseline of the original ranger class, let’s see what happens in the first Dungeons & Dragons to bear the name Advanced. I know that a lot of people have warm and impregnable places in their hearts for this edition, but that’s because they were kids at the time (well, many of them were) and we were still in the first five years of tabletop game design as a concept.

(Part One)

Novel Inspiration: Nautolans for 5th edition

Nautolans are a highly adaptable amphibious humanoid species canon to the Star Wars Universe, the most famous being Jedi Master Kit Fisto.

Nautolans make an excellent species template for any aquatic scifi species or fantasy race. Their comfort both above and below water makes them ideal for mixed-surface-aquatic parties of adventurers, allowing them the flexibility to travel from the depths of the ocean to the middle of the desert without suffering stresses worse than an average human in non-aquatic environments. Their hardy physique combined with their natural insight into the emotions and behavior of living creatures make them both capable warriors and shrewd diplomats.

Talking TableTop for New and Aspiring Game Masters

Once again, James Mcclure and the Talking TableTop podcast hits it out of the park. I’ve been hearing about Darcy Ross since just before GenCon and listened to her brilliant guest appearance on the One Shot Podcast‘s Numenera sessions, so I’ve been looking forward to this interview for weeks. Though we’ve interacted minimally on social media, I’ve developed a serious respect for this GM who also loves to bring the “weirdness” of real biology to the gaming table. What I didn’t know until now is how fascinating her road to GM’ing has been.

Sword Coast Legends – Head Start Two

So if you pre-ordered Sword Coast Legends, then you were able to access the game this weekend with Head Start Access through Steam. Players were able to test out new updates and play the game for a limited time. Head Start was scheduled for September 18th to 20th.  So, as planned, Head Start started Friday at 2pm, and then was extended to 12 PM on Monday. I played the game with my son this weekend and with other people that had the game. You can also play solo and have a party of pre-generated characters that the game lets you choose. Also, as a DM you can create scenarios and be on the control side of the scenario. The Story Mode wasn’t open yet, so I’d like to see that part of the game when it releases September 29th.