Adventure Time for D&D 5e – Part 1: Species

Back in 2014, I ran a 4th edition D&D game set in the world of Adventure Time. I used a fantastic Adventure Time homebrew mod of D&D 4e, by Bloodghost, to run the game. After writing about post-apocalyptic fantasy settings last week, I’ve decided I wanted to take a crack at providing some support for running an Adventure Time campaign in 5th edition. I’ll be drawing from D20 Modern, Modern Magic and the 4th edition homebrew along with providing my own ideas. This article is part 1 and provides a bunch of new species you can use in any D&D game.

Tribal Knowledge: The Single-Class Campaign

This post explores the potential of each class for a single-class campaign and similar deviations from “normal” party breakdowns. This article mostly assumes that the reader is a DM looking for a new and unusual campaign concept. I realize that most of us have had an idea like these before, but maybe I can put a new spin on it… or maybe you can teach me something in the Comments.

Novel Inspiration: Kaminoans for 5th edition

The kaminoan species in the Star Wars universe played an integral role in the fall of the Galactic Republic and rise of the Empire. The victims of a near-genocidal flood after their planet’s most-recent Ice Age, the kaminoans turned to highly selective and brutally efficient breeding and genetic manipulation to survive. The long-term results of such environmental pressures were perfectionism, isolationism, and a lack of empathy for species that don’t strive for perfection.

5 Things The Legend of Zelda Taught Me About D&D

I can recall getting my hands on The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System within a few months of its North American release in 1987. For the record, I was 8 years old. That shiny gold casing was like a beacon to many kids who had always dreamed of a home console game with a save feature and long-term game play. Now, it had arrived. The fact that it was also a fantasy-adventure game that delved into many of the aspects of D&D was just icing on the cake (and relatively irrelevant to me at the time as I would not discover roleplaying and D&D for another 7 years). However, in the years that have followed, I have revisited this benchmark in video game history many times and I am always struck by how much this game still resonates in my D&D games today.

D&D Monstrous Manual for 5th edition – Part 1

The D&D 5th edition monster manual has a ton of monsters to choose from, and they can be easily tweaked/adapted to different scenarios using the dungeon master’s guide. That is usually what I do. I take a strange creature, change a few things, add some crazy hair, and poof, the new Donald Groblesmaker Trump monster is born. As I have read during the creation of the D&D 5th edition monster manual, they went through all the previous editions and created a list of all the monsters, and then had to pick the ones to include in 5th edition, while others were not. I thought it would be cool to go through my old AD&D 2nd Monstrous Manual and bring some of those creatures to life for you to use in your campaign. So here goes…

Ideas for a Post Apocalyptic Campaign in a Fantasy Setting

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m back looking at campaign settings that go beyond the typical fantasy world. Past articles in this series have provided notes on running a campaign (or adventure) in a setting such as prehistoric/lost world, steampunk, fairy tales and more. Mad Max, The Hunger Games, 28 Days, Snowpiercer, The Walking Dead and countless others provide us with tons of ideas for post apocalyptic settings, but they are missing one ingredient… magic.

The Ranger Class, Part Eight

After a week off, I’m back to finish off the ranger, like a horror-movie sequel. Throughout the series to date, we’ve seen the ranger transition from a super-fighter with a smattering of mystical abilities and an obligation to travel light and fend for herself, to a lightly-armored skirmishing warrior (with or without spellcasting, depending on edition). As in most things, 5e returns the ranger to an earlier thematic and mechanical place, while preserving as many of the well-learned lessons of 4e as possible. We also have a playtest alternate ranger to explore.

New 5e Feats – Advanced Healer, Martial Arts Training, Survivalist

One of my favorite parts about 5th edition is the incorporation of soft-multiclassing feats which allow players to create a variety of themes without watering down their core class. One of my least favorite things is how Medicine is a throw-away skill not worthy of the slot. These feats originally appeared on and are presented here with significant playtest edits.