Tribality Talks Steampunkery on Dungeon Master Block Podcast

Episode 55 of the Dungeon Master Block podcast is out. DM Mitch and DM Chris of the Dungeon Master Block talk with Tribality’s own Shawn Ellsworth about about how to bring the genre of Steampunk into your rpgs!

If you are looking for a new type of campaign to put your players through you have come to the right place. This week we are joined by Shawn from to talk everything and everything Steampunk. Sit back and enjoy the conversation we have about movies, books, rules, ideas, etc that deal with Steampunk.

Listen Here or visit their website

Check out Ideas for a Steampunk Campaign if you are looking for ideas for your own adventure or campaign.


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Shawn Ellsworth

Shawn is an author and co-founder of He first got into tabletop RPGs through ninjas and then by playing a Kender in Dragonlance. Years later, he can be found running games in the Nentir Vale and his own Seas of Vodari campaign setting.