DRAGON+ Issue 5 – TYRANTS of the UNDERDARK Boardgame and more!

Issue #5 of Dragon+ is available on the mobile app and on the web as well as via a mobile app. In this month’s issue you’ll find:

  • Adventurer’s League
    “The D&D Adventurers League reveals its upcoming gems, including epic season four opening adventure Reclamation of Phlan! Plus, download free adventure The Occupation of Szith Morcane.”
  • TYRANTS of the UNDERDARK Boardgame
    “Game designer Peter Lee says it’s good to be bad in the latest D&D board game, a deck-building adventure in which you vie for control of the Underdark.”
  • Sword Coast NPCs for your Tabletop D&D Game
    Advice and statistics to bring the Sword Coast Legends companions to your tabletop game
  • Interview with Rainn Wilson
  • Sage Advice debut in Dragon+
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Shawn Ellsworth

Shawn is an author and co-founder of Tribality.com. He first got into tabletop RPGs through ninjas and then by playing a Kender in Dragonlance. Years later, he can be found running games in the Nentir Vale and his own Seas of Vodari campaign setting.