Sasquatch Game Studio – ALTERNITY SciFi RPG

To the stars! Sasquatch Game Studio announces that it plans to release ALTERNITY ™, a science-fiction roleplaying game that covers everything from galaxy-spanning empires to near-future orbital intrigue. The game system’s flagship product, a 256-page hardbound book, will be available in 2017.
The game, which shares a name and heritage with a popular RPG from the 1990s, covers such action-packed scenes as starfighter dogfights, zero-G combat, and powered-armor troopers blasting aliens into their constituent atoms. The Alternity rules set is modular, so gamemasters can support the story arcs they create with the specific rules they need. A story of far-future space exploration, for example, will use a capital starship rules module, while a dystopian cyberpunk setting will use a virtual reality/hacking module instead.

A Collection of Traps & Hazards (D&D 5e)

The world your players are exploring should be filled with dangers other than monsters. This week on the Campaign Trail I wanted to share some traps and hazards I have used in my campaigns. The D&D 5th edition Dungeon Master Guide and the published adventures provide us with a limited number of traps and hazards, but I thought this collection might be interesting too. Some of these I have included in previous articles, but I thought collecting them in one place would be handy.

Roll20 to offer Official WotC D&D Content

I just saw the news on Polygon that Roll20 is offering D&D content as explained by Greg Tito. “We’re always looking to broaden access to Dungeons & Dragons, and Roll20 already plays a significant part of that expansion,” said Greg Tito, communications manager at Wizards of the Coast. “We are excited to see what the future brings.”

This is very exciting news since I’ve always used Roll20, and I am the D&D Adventurers League Local Coordinator for Roll20.

Adventures in Middle-earth – 5e Player’s Guide Preview

The first release for Adventures in Middle-earth is the Player’s Guide, which gives you the Middle-earth setting-specific rules and guidance to create your characters and adventure in the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings using the OGL 5e ruleset.

Character creation features Cultures and Classes designed for Middle-earth to help you get deep into the setting from the very start of your adventures. New rules add excitement to your journeys and encounters, and chart the corruption of the Shadow in the unwary or unwise.

Gary Gygax Day – 2016

Over the many years of being a fan of D&D, I never got the chance to meet Gary. I bought all the books, and I have some collectables that he signed, but I never met him.

Today would be Gary’s Birthday, he was born July 27th, 1938, and they celebrate Gary’s legacy in March during Gary Con. It is very somber to me to think about his life today, and that now he is gone. He left such a great impression on the world and to me. I wish I could go back, and just say hello & thank you to him.

Keep Summer Safe: A Look at Conflict Resolution

It’s no secret I love Rick & Morty. I’ve been on record for several years now stating it is the best and sharpest show on television. In my crushing need for the third season to finally arrive, I’ve been rewatching the show for the altogether-too-many-th time. As always, I spent a lot of time critically analyzing some of my favorite episodes (Rick Potion #9, Meeseeks and Destroy, Rixty Minutes, Morty Night Run, Auto Erotic Assimilation, Look Who’s Purging Now, among others…), and I came across the The Ricks Must Be Crazy. During the episode, I found myself thinking about the nature of conflict resolution, particularly as it applies to characters in tabletop gaming.

The episode is a masterclass in the nature of conflict, the morality in the choices made to resolve a conflict, and the compromises we make to achieve our goals. What’s more, this is the B-plot of the episode, conveyed in eight minutes or so. The most fascinating thing about this is how closely it parallels PC decision-making when it comes to resolving conflicts. As such, it’s a great chance to not only look at why they are making the decisions, but how, as a GM, you can change and re-prioritize conflicts to present interesting and new challenges to your players.

Unearthed Arcana: Quick Characters Breakdown

For whatever internal reasons, July’s UA article was delayed until the last Monday in July. But here we are, and I’m going to say a few words about it. “Quick Characters” presents dice tables for generating characters, largely constrained to the character options found in the D&D Basic rules. I don’t think I go too far to say that this article has been roundly – perhaps blisteringly – panned by its audience. I confess that it doesn’t have a lot of applications for the way I run my game, but I don’t think it deserves the reaction it has gotten, either.

Interview with James Sutter – Co-Creator of Pathfinder & Creative Director of Starfinder

First off, what sorts of things do you make & and how would you summarize your career with tabletop gaming?

I’m currently a Creative Director with Paizo Inc., in charge of both the Pathfinder novel line and our new Starfinder RPG, but I’ve been working in tabletop since I was 20. I started out as an intern on Dungeon and Dragon magazines and worked my way up to being an editor and developer there, then helped create both Pathfinder Adventure Path and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Over the years I’ve played a lot of different roles for Paizo and Pathfinder, from development and world design to editing to management, but these days I spend most of my time getting this new science-fantasy RPG off the ground (launching Gen Con 2017!), managing the authors in the Pathfinder Tales novel line, and helping to set the overall creative and strategic vision for the company.

Overwatch as a Tabletop RPG Campaign Setting

In May 2016, Blizzard launched Overwatch, a game where players clash with colorful heroes on battlefields around the globe in the near future. Last time on the Campaign Trail, I looked at the Chrono Rogue, inspired by the video game Overwatch. This week, I’m returning to my campaign setting series, looking at the world of the video game Overwatch. The developers of Overwatch have provided details of the world and its characters with bios, webcomics, tweets, blog posts, animated shorts and more, but they haven’t provided all the details. All of this provides an excellent base for a setting that let’s the gamemaster and players extend with their own details.

Star Trek Adventures – RPG Public Playtest & Minis Line

Modiphius announced that they are going to be launching a playtest for a new Star Trek RPG and miniatures line at this year’s Gen Con. This is good news for Star Trek fans hungry for a new RPG, since the last one was launched in way back in 2002.

Star Trek Adventures will use the Modiphius 2d20 game system and this “news comes as Star Trek fans worldwide celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016.”