About Our Columns

The following is a listing of our regular columns which come out each week.

  • MONDAY – Thoughts & Things
    Mike’s collection of tools, ideas, rules, research and other fun stuff he thought he should share.
  • TUESDAY – Role Initiative
    Articles each Tuesday by A.A. Amirault and every couple of weeks he releases an episode of his podcast.
  • WEDNESDAY – From the Depths
    Rich Howard provides inspiration for aquatic games set in fantasy, science fiction, modern, and superhero settings, including conversions, adventures and advice on running campaigns under the waves
  • THURSDAY – History of the Classes
    Writer and game designer Brandes Stoddard explores the history of each of D&D’s classes, from OD&D to 5e
  • FRIDAY – Campaign Trail
    Each Friday, Shawn shares monsters, traps, campaign settings, advice and other fun stuff for you to use in your campaign.
    Guest Posts and Conventions
    News, Reviews, Previews and Interviews