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John Wick and Mythology

A look at the repurposing of myths in the world of John Wick, and how to leverage them for your ...
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Lazy Recall: Week 1 SPL Results and Power Rankings

A review of the first week of the Smite SPL Season 4 Spring Split, and a look forward to the ...
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Smite Pro League Season 4 for Dummies

For those new to Smite and the Smite Pro League, here is an overview of the upcoming season.
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Tabletop Action Scene Lessons from Professional Wrestling

Take lessons from professional wrestling to step up your tabletop action scenes.
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Bloodborne: the Card Game – We Die, We Live, We ...

If you desire a card game that captures the feel of Bloodborne, rough edges and all, then I have good ...
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The Group that Stays Together, Slays Together

“Bar none, I am the most humble-est Number one at the top of the humble list My apple crumble is ...
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Hi-Rez Expo 2017, in brief

If you know what HRX is, then we should talk about this past weekend. If not, I am not surprised. ...
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Janusian Adventures

If you ask most people, they are glad to put 2016 in the rear-view mirror. People are looking to start ...
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6 Wintery Mythological Creatures That Aren’t Yetis and Giants

Winter is officially upon us. Long live Queen Winter. May your reign by long, merciless, and localized to where I ...
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Get to Know Celestials

Today I return to the much acclaimed Get to Know series. Ok, I know it’s not acclaimed, and definitely not ...