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Planar Diseases

Three diseases you might encounter in the planes.
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How to run a Circus in Your Game

(Author’s note: One of my article readers suggested looking at Ravenloft’s Carnival, which I did, and expanded the article in certain places. Hopefully, you’ll like the expanded ideas contained herein) Circuses have been around forever as traveling entertainers of acrobats, ...
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Designer Interview: Craig Campbell

Through a mutual acquaintance, I recently met fellow Atlanta-area game designer Craig Campbell, creator of the Murders & Acquisitions tabletop game, part of NerdBurger Games, and co-host of the NerdBurger Show podcast. M&A successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter last year, delivered in December, ...
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Planescape: Keys, Portals, and Complications

One of my favorite conceits of the Planescape setting is that anything might be a portal to somewhere else, and anything might be a key to said portal. For example, you might be leaving your inn with a bit of ...
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What we can learn from the MegaMan Series

Author’s note: To get the most nostalgia out of this article, go to youtube and find your favorite megaman music to play while reading this article. Megaman is one of Capcom’s most iconic properties, having various games on the various ...
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Hit Points, Dying, and Death

Quite some time back, the estimable Tim Baker sent me this: I had an idea for a topic or maybe even a series that you could consider covering in the future.  I'd love to hear your take on damage, dying, and ...
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – The Red Death and Sensates

5e backgrounds for two Planescape Factions: The Mercykillers and the Society of Sensation.
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Using Ships as a Dungeon, Part 3

Last time we examined ship purposes, ship based plots, and ship quirks. This time we’ll look at the different parts of the ship, a ship template, and water hazard examples. Ship Related Words Abaft: toward or at the stern of ...
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The Monk Class, Part Eight

At a reader’s request, I’m going back to the 3.0 Oriental Adventures and covering the monk prestige classes found there. In this series’ broader conversation on monks, this and the 1e Oriental Adventures are our only examples of settings that ...
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – Defiers and Godsmen

Player backgrounds for the Athar and Believers of the Source factions.