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John Wick and Mythology

A look at the repurposing of myths in the world of John Wick, and how to leverage them for your own games.
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Mass Combat – Unearthed Arcana

In this week’s Unearthed Arcana, we see a shift from character options to another look at mass combat rules for DMs, based on previous survey feedback. The last time we saw mass combat was back in March 2015. We also get ...
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Monster Lab: Frost Witch Queen for D&D 5e

This week on the Campaign Trail I wanted to share some monster stats for a Frost Witch Queen, that my players just battled against and won. If you’re looking for a powerful final boss witch or fey with lots of ...
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Smite Pro League Season 4 for Dummies

For those new to Smite and the Smite Pro League, here is an overview of the upcoming season.
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Improvisation and Rolling Fate Dice

Last week on the Campaign Trail I looked at improvisation and using story cubes for ideas. This week I wanted to look at using Fate (or Fudge) dice rolls to help you improvise during your game.
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Improvisation and Rory’s Story Cubes

Improvisation is an essential skill for both gamemasters and players in any tabletop roleplaying game. A little improvising at your table can be the difference between a good gaming session and a great one that you’ll all remember and talk ...
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The Monk Class, Part Two

Another Monday without a UA article, so another Thursday with a new History of the Classes article: to every cloud, its silver lining. (Just a few hours late; I have a pretty unforgiving head cold.) Today I’m tackling one of ...
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Tabletop Action Scene Lessons from Professional Wrestling

Take lessons from professional wrestling to step up your tabletop action scenes.
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Evil Hat – Kaiju Incorporated Roleplaying Game

Evil Hat Productions gives us a new FATE roleplaying game supplement based on a world full of giant monsters and corporations that keep everyone safe while making a lot of money. But, you don’t take on the role of the ...
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5 More Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Last week on the Campaign Trail I looked at 5 Ideas for Your Next Campaign. My players and I decided to go with a modern campaign, but this week I thought I’d share 5 More Ideas for Your Next Campaign ...