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Alternate 5e Warlock

(Author’s note: to “give credit where credit is due” these ideas come from Rachael Arron’s Eli Monpress series in which wizards can control a variety of forces due to the consciousness that exists in all things and these consciousnesses are ...
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Mind Flayers – The Illithid

Illithids, or Mind Flayers, are alien or aberrations, so they can live a long time. So these long lived highly intelligent and psionic creatures are running around, they are going to have lots of minions. They could be a creator ...
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Xanathar’s Expanded Backstories

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has been selectively available since November 10th and is available everywhere on November 21st (previously covered with a preview and review). Over a third of the book focuses on character options, which includes 27 new subclasses that have ...
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Five Harvest-Themed Cursed Items

A look at five harvest-themed cursed items for use in 5e games.
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Top 30 ways of using plants and plant parts in ...

A world’s flora can add interest to a world by giving adventure, depth, and flavor to the world. Unfortunately, it can be far too easy to bypass this detail in your gaming world by excluding how interesting and amazing plants ...
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Ketchup on sourcing the table -Cooperative Gaming

One way to make games spontaneous and thriving is to draw upon ideas of the whole group. Examples are provided below to inspire a more cooperative style in your games. Sourcing the table does not have to be done constantly, ...
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The Fighter Class, Part Six

I’m mostly over my cold, even if the rest of my family is still under the weather. Today, I’m pressing on toward the samurai classes of 3.x, found in 3.0’s Oriental Adventures and 3.5’s Complete Warrior. I’ll probably work in ...
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Thanksgiving-Themed Archetypes, Version 2

Revisiting the weirdly popular Thanksgiving archetypes options for the Feather Domain for Clerics and the Way of the Feathered Fan for Monks.
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Top ways to terrify your players, Part 3

(Author’s note: I thought I’d take a break from my “Plants” series to give a series on the tropes in horror, as it’s appropriate for Halloween. Enjoy) What does the ‘Last of Us’ video game, ‘Paranormal activity’ movie franchise, Dragon ...
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Fast as Lightning – The Flash Campaign

You’ve seen the series, now let’s talk about how to make a RPG campaign based on The Flash! There are a few elements you will need to make decisions on. These elements will help you get things started and be ...