Munchkin Wonderland from Steve Jackson Games

New Munchkin-inspired game has a Wonderland theme, simpler rules, and less backstabbing – perfect for young kids

A new Munchkin-inspired game will let families with young kids explore Wonderland in a game that plays like a friendlier, simpler version of classic Munchkin.

In Munchkin Wonderland, players wander a whimsical landscape fighting enemies such as the the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, or the Jabberwock. They’ll get help from classic characters such as the Dormouse, March Hare, and Alice herself using weapons like the Vorpal Blade and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Widow’s Walk – A Betrayal at House on the Hill Expansion by Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill recently released Widow’s Walk Expansion for the popular board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. The main game has a lot of replay with the numerous haunts and game board changes each time you play. We have had the original game for a while, and now with the expansion, we are excited to add 50 more haunts, room tiles to the game, additional cards, and another floor to explore in the house. Widow’s Walk released October 14th, and I would recommend that if you don’t have House on he Hill then you pick it up, and the expansion.  You will need the base game in order to play with the expansion.

betrayal_gallery_2_0If you have never played Betrayal at House on the Hill, it is not a complicated game, and I think the rules are easy to understand. It is a perfect cooperative game to play during your game night for 3 to 6 people, and when we play a game usually lasts about an hour. After playing the expansion for a few sessions, I have to say that the new expansion haunts are incredible. They blend well with the previous haunts from the original game. They’ve added a dumbwaiter to some rooms; so players can travel between floors more easily, as well as additional tokens that can help with room ability tracking and new monsters.  We have only played through a fraction of the haunts so far, but it is nice to now have 100 haunt scenarios and just make this great game better!

There is also a special bonus “mega haunt” that is triggered when all of the explorers have completed specific haunts.

You can pick up the game on Amazon here:

Gen Con 2016 – Syrinscape with Ben Loomes

I was fortunate enough to get a one-on-one demonstration from Ben Loomes with Syrinscape at Gen Con. The sounds were incredible, and there are so many new sound sets that are now available. It was a lot of fun meeting Ben, and I look forward to many more sound sets that are being developed. I highly recommend Syrinscape for use during your games. And by games that can be a role playing game, or the expanding list of board game sound sets that are becoming available for Syrinscape.

I have used music and sounds before, but having a control board that is themed for a game, allows me easily set a mood, and then to quickly choose an appropriate sound during the game. Also, a themed background enhances the game beyond anything I have done before. All of the sounds are high quality, fully customized timing, and I couldn’t find anything to complain about. Everything is Top Notch! You can give it a try for free by just downloading the software and getting the 2 included free soundsets; Witchwood and Bugbear Battle.

Gen Con 2016 – Ice Cool Board Game by Brain Games

One of the “cool” games that had a US release at Gen Con this year was Ice Cool by Brain Games designed by Brian Gomez. I was able to get a thorough demonstration, and have been playing it ever since I left Gen Con last week. Lots of flicking and strategy, and the game gets tougher and faster as players get better at moving their pieces around the board.

It has won several awards already, there are lots of reviews from other countries that you can read and play-throughs to watch. And in my opinion even though it is labeled as a children’s game, I found it very entertaining playing it with any age group. The Box in Box setup is ingenious, and the game easily stores away after playing.

I highly recommend getting this game! Especially if you have kids. It should be available in the US soon.

EDIT: Now available in the United States:

Gen Con 2016 – Steve Jackson Games – Car Wars 6th Edition

While I was at GEN CON last week, I got a chance to speak with Phil Reed, the CEO of Steve Jackson Games. I had learned prior to the convention that the date had moved out for the release of the 6th edition to 2017, which I found as good and bad news. The bad was just the little kid in me that wanted it now, and the good is that being patient will give us a cool fully play-tested functional game. The “I want it now” has been smacked down by my wiser, “Be Patient Dummy!!!”self.

I wanted to learn and hear about the upcoming changes to look for in the new edition, and Phil filled me in on some of what we should expect.

Gen Con 2016 – The Best Four Days in Gaming Recap

I was able to spend four days gaming with lots of people and it was great! It all took place last week in Indianapolis at Gen Con. I took some videos of the convention center and a few pictures of my adventures. Wednesday Night we walked over to the convention center to check out the setup, and the first thing we saw was a line. A VERY LONG LINE.

So I went back, and recorded a video as I walked the line. The next day I was able to get an early entry ticket into the Exhibit hall and walked through with my recorder. I saw the new Stuff from Goodman Games, and a demonstration of Ascension – Dreamscape from Stone Blade Entertainment. Then the crowds poured into the Exhibit Hall.

Origins Award Winners 2016

The winners of the 2016 Origins Awards, as given out by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair, are:

Game of the Year!Codenames from Czech Games


Origins Game Fair 2016

It’s almost June, and I am back from vacationing. A lot of exciting things are happening in June, and one of those is the upcoming Origins Game Fair*. I will be traveling a few hours up to Columbus, and spending a lot of time there with my two youngest kids. I will be running some Wizards of the Coast Board Games tournaments on Thursday and Friday for Baldman Games, and playing in The Dungeons & Dragons Open. We also all have Are you a Werewolf? ribbon for night time gaming.

Battlestations: 2nd Edition! Tabletop Starship Simulator – Kickstarter

Battlestations: 2nd Edition kickstarter will be closing March 3rd (tomorrow), and is currently 394% funded at $165k. Battlestations first came out 16 years ago, and has a following of avid players. You can read reviews of the first Battlestations here: Boardgame Geek – Battlestations.  The Battlestations 1st edition game comes in strong with a 7.18/10 rating at Boardgame Geek.