Gen Con 2016 – Syrinscape with Ben Loomes

I was fortunate enough to get a one-on-one demonstration from Ben Loomes with Syrinscape at Gen Con. The sounds were incredible, and there are so many new sound sets that are now available. It was a lot of fun meeting Ben, and I look forward to many more sound sets that are being developed. I highly recommend Syrinscape for use during your games. And by games that can be a role playing game, or the expanding list of board game sound sets that are becoming available for Syrinscape.

I have used music and sounds before, but having a control board that is themed for a game, allows me easily set a mood, and then to quickly choose an appropriate sound during the game. Also, a themed background enhances the game beyond anything I have done before. All of the sounds are high quality, fully customized timing, and I couldn’t find anything to complain about. Everything is Top Notch! You can give it a try for free by just downloading the software and getting the 2 included free soundsets; Witchwood and Bugbear Battle.

Gen Con 2016 – The Best Four Days in Gaming Recap

I was able to spend four days gaming with lots of people and it was great! It all took place last week in Indianapolis at Gen Con. I took some videos of the convention center and a few pictures of my adventures. Wednesday Night we walked over to the convention center to check out the setup, and the first thing we saw was a line. A VERY LONG LINE.

So I went back, and recorded a video as I walked the line. The next day I was able to get an early entry ticket into the Exhibit hall and walked through with my recorder. I saw the new Stuff from Goodman Games, and a demonstration of Ascension – Dreamscape from Stone Blade Entertainment. Then the crowds poured into the Exhibit Hall.

RPG Mixtape: A Bard Sings In A Tavern

Hello! My name is Jac, I am an anti-hipster/music geek who spends countless hours looking for interesting music. I love sharing my findings with anyone who will listen. I appreciate all genres of music, including rap and country. I especially like music recorded in people’s homes.

Here is a song collection for game masters to play during tavern scenes of their games. The collection is light on, but not void of, electronic instruments and modern lyrical references. These songs can also be used as game masters’ inspiration during the game planning and writing process. Taverns lend themselves to different settings with unique moods, so the collection begins somber and becomes happier along the way.

Gary Gygax Day – 2016

Over the many years of being a fan of D&D, I never got the chance to meet Gary. I bought all the books, and I have some collectables that he signed, but I never met him.

Today would be Gary’s Birthday, he was born July 27th, 1938, and they celebrate Gary’s legacy in March during Gary Con. It is very somber to me to think about his life today, and that now he is gone. He left such a great impression on the world and to me. I wish I could go back, and just say hello & thank you to him.

Rules Answers July 2016 – Jeremy Crawford

There is a new article on D&D Wizard’s of the Coast website by Jeremy Crawford. He has complied a listing of Twitter questions and his answers. As always, these are his rulings, and the DM at your table can play the game and have different rulings than these. Let’s emphasize that, Jeremy’s rulings do not override the decisions of the Dungeon Master. As he says in the article these are to assist the DM in adjudicating the game. This is not a tool for a player to argue with a DM’s decision. They could be a conversation starter for a player to discuss though.

Origins Game Fair 2016

It’s almost June, and I am back from vacationing. A lot of exciting things are happening in June, and one of those is the upcoming Origins Game Fair*. I will be traveling a few hours up to Columbus, and spending a lot of time there with my two youngest kids. I will be running some Wizards of the Coast Board Games tournaments on Thursday and Friday for Baldman Games, and playing in The Dungeons & Dragons Open. We also all have Are you a Werewolf? ribbon for night time gaming.

D&D 5th Edition – Gambler Prestige Class

I am working on a Gambler option for my Wild West campaign, and I started with an idea for a Rogue archetype, but then I worked toward a Prestige Class. That way it could be an option for any class that meets the Prestige Class’s requirements, and be useful outside of my campaign for other people.  These are my first notes on building the Gambler, and I began with a few requirements, and then the core mechanic of Gambler’s Luck. Let me know what you think.