8 of My Favorite Things from May!

It’s been a pretty incredible month of geek. Here are a few things that are getting me talking.


Champions of Aetaltis

Most of what I have to say about this Kickstarter is covered in the video. What I can add is the talent between these covers is bordering on absurd, and there’s still more to come. If you’re a gamer and fantasy fan, I doubt there are many names involved in this project that you don’t know.


D&D Adventure System Game – Temple of Elemental Evil

So way back in September it was announced that WizKids would be taking over the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System board games with an aptly pre-release title of D&D Adventure System Game #4. It was stated that D&D Adventure System Game #4 would be scheduled to release March, 2015.

The last board game using the D&D Adventure System was released October, 2011 and that was The Legend of Drizzt. The games have a great following of fans because of great mechanics, re-playability, and highly detailed miniatures. The games are very large and weigh nearly 7 pounds (3.1 kg).