Interview with James Sutter – Co-Creator of Pathfinder & Creative Director of Starfinder

First off, what sorts of things do you make & and how would you summarize your career with tabletop gaming?

I’m currently a Creative Director with Paizo Inc., in charge of both the Pathfinder novel line and our new Starfinder RPG, but I’ve been working in tabletop since I was 20. I started out as an intern on Dungeon and Dragon magazines and worked my way up to being an editor and developer there, then helped create both Pathfinder Adventure Path and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Over the years I’ve played a lot of different roles for Paizo and Pathfinder, from development and world design to editing to management, but these days I spend most of my time getting this new science-fantasy RPG off the ground (launching Gen Con 2017!), managing the authors in the Pathfinder Tales novel line, and helping to set the overall creative and strategic vision for the company.

Domain Rulership, Part Eight

Last time in the Domain Rulership series, I talked about some of the relatively rules-light approaches to domain and stronghold play, in the form of 13th Age and Dungeon World. Now I’m turning back toward more involved systems: Fields of Blood by Eden Studios, given to me by a generous reader; and Kingmaker/Ultimate Campaign by Paizo, given to me by… a more different generous reader. The point is, my readers are the best. They are discerning and witty and almost assuredly 10% more appealing to members of their preferred gender than people who do not read my column. Look at you, reading this, getting better-looking every second. I mean, not to me, I’m married. But still.

(Image: The Magna Carta. One of the original system documents defining domain rulership as something other than, “it’s good to be the king.”)

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Intrigue Preview

Paizo released Ultimate Intrigue back in April for the Pathfinder RPG. The book gave players the chance to play a caped crusader with the new vigilante class and provided rules & support for GMs to run “daring heists, extended pursuits, and tense searches“. This month we see support for more intrigue style play with the release of Inner Sea Intrigue, for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This book provides Golarion specific intrigue support to go along with Ultimate Intrigue.

Update: The book is in stores and the PDF is available May 25th, 2016

Pathfinder’s Ultimate Intrigue – Preview

In case you missed it, Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder just released for PDF and the hardcover can be ordered now and is available on Amazon on April 19th, 2016. I’m just about to grab a PDF of the book I just downloaded a copy of the PDF from Paizo and might provide a review soon, but here’s a short preview until then. The books looks good so far after a quick flip through.

Most of us at one time have tried to create a Batman inspired PC… now is your chance to play a caped crusader with the new vigilante class. Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder RPG gives you all the rules to play the new vigilante class and also provides new archetypes, feats, magic and rules to run your own intrigue adventures. I just ran a steampunk heist one-shot and then a mystery one-shot (set in Luskan). I would have really liked to have had these rules to look at for ideas.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Faiths Launches

In case you missed it, Paizo just released Inner Sea Faiths for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This softcover book is a whopping 96 pages versus the normal 64-page format we normally see for these releases. This book can be used in your Pathfinder game or you can adapt it to your own fantasy game to add in some new deities and followers. I used Besmara in my last homebrew D&D campaign for 5th edition.

Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path Preview & Cheliax

In February, the new six part Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path is launching, starting with The Hellfire Compact, a Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters set in the infernal Cheliax. In this AP, players take on the roles of evil mercenary characters in the diabolical empire of Cheliax. If you and your players are looking for an evil campaign, here’s you chance.

Christmas Themed Adventures – 2015 Update

When I went looking for a Yule/Holiday/Christmas one-shot adventure, I was surprised to see there wasn’t a ton of content out there. Here is the list of what I was able to find, updated with some new items for 2015. I also wrote my own adventure last year for D&D 5e called the The Darkest Night.