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The Monk Class, Part Four

After a hiatus of more than two months, welcome back to the History of the Monk Class. Last time, I covered 2e, which has an awkward and widely varied approach to the class. I think that for a lot of ...
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Heroes of the Darklands (PFRPG)

The latest book from Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG, Heroes of the Darklands, is now available (on PDF Wednesday). This book provides new player options for adventures under the surface of Golarion in the Darklands (similar to D&D’s Underdark). From ...
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Ruins of Azlant – Pathfinder Adventure Path

Paizo will begin releasing the next in its long line of Pathfinder adventure modules this August with the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path. The six-part monthly series will open with The Lost Outpost, which asks players to try to uncover ...
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Interview with James Sutter – Co-Creator of Pathfinder & Creative ...

First off, what sorts of things do you make & and how would you summarize your career with tabletop gaming? I’m currently a Creative Director with Paizo Inc., in charge of both the Pathfinder novel line and our new Starfinder ...
D&D 3.5eHistory of the ClassesPathfinder RPG

Domain Rulership, Part Eight

Last time in the Domain Rulership series, I talked about some of the relatively rules-light approaches to domain and stronghold play, in the form of 13th Age and Dungeon World. Now I’m turning back toward more involved systems: Fields of ...
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Starfinder & Other News from Paizocon

Last night, Paizo announced a new RPG coming in August 2017 called Starfinder, which is basically, is Pathfinder in space, sci-fi style. They also announced more details about HarmonQuest, Horror Adventures, the Strange Aeons adventure path, Ironfang Invasion, and introduced ...
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PaizoCon 2016

PaizoCon 2016 is on now in Seattle Washington at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels. For 4 days (May 27-30, 2016), fans will get to enjoy Pathfinder Society events, panels, workshops and hanging out with each other and Paizo staff.
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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Intrigue Preview

Paizo released Ultimate Intrigue back in April for the Pathfinder RPG. The book gave players the chance to play a caped crusader with the new vigilante class and provided rules & support for GMs to run “daring heists, extended pursuits, ...
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Pathfinder Player Companion: Armor Master’s Handbook

It’s splat time! This month we see the release of the Armor Master’s Handbook for Pathfinder RPG on April 27, 2016 giving players more ways to protect their PCs.
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Pathfinder’s Ultimate Intrigue – Preview

In case you missed it, Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder just released for PDF and the hardcover can be ordered now and is available on Amazon on April 19th, 2016. I’m just about to grab a PDF of the book I ...