(War) Craft Until You Hate Yourself

A quick word: this post is about the crafting system of the recent World of Warcraft (hereafter to be called WoW) expansion entitled Legion. I will be discussing the system in depth I am not attempting to spoil things, but I don’t want to short change the discussion. Take this as what NOT to do if you are implementing a crafting system in a tabletop game. There are a lot of good ideas here, but there are some issues, as well. Remember that no matter what, world consistency is important. What’s good for the PCs is good for the NPCs. That definitely matters. 

Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins, the brand-new Magic: The Gathering digital experience, is now available for PC via Steam! Magic Duels offers limitless free gameplay, hundreds of unlockable cards, many exciting multiplayer modes (including the return of fan-favorite Two-Headed Giant!), and regular content updates that reflect the latest Magic: The Gathering card sets, starting with the upcoming release of the Magic Origins set. The game was released for iPhone and iPad earlier this month, with Xbox One launching July 31 and PS4 coming later this year.

Updated – E3: Sword Coast Legends and D&D

Sword Coasts Legends and zillions of other games will be on display at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. E3 is an annual video games conference held each year where the gaming companies preview their upcoming games and hardware. Wizards of the Coast, n-Space and Digital Extremes are all in town to show off Sword Coast Legends. Read the feature on D&D, visit the official site or check out some of our coverage below.

Elemental Evil Comes to Neverwinter

The D&D related news keeps coming today! Elemental Evil is coming to Neverwinter MMORPG. “The Forgotten Realms are in need of your aid once again, will you heed the call?” With the Elemental Evil release you get:

  • Oathbound Paladin, a class suited to both tanking and healing
  • Raised Level Cap – “allowing players to reach level 70 and enter special epic dungeons that have been reworked to provide challenges worthy of their epic title”
  • 4 new adventure zones to battle the Cults of Elemental Evil, each with their own elemental theme (Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water)
  • The Ranger Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster, Boo!