WoC & Creator of Adventure Time Collaborating on Secret Project

I’m a big fan of Adventure Time and even ran an Adventure Time homebrew campaign for D&D 4th Edition last year. Earlier this week on Twitter, Chris Perkins revealed that Wizard of the Coast is collaborating with Pendleton Ward (creator of ADVENTURE TIME) on a future D&D story. I’m a big fan of anything Pendleton Ward creates, so I’m looking forward to seeing what materializes.

The speculation can go anywhere, but here are three ways I can see this playing out…

Adventure Time 4e Homebrew Rules, etc.

In March 2014 I was lucky enough to unite a group of strangers on Roll20 to play a fantastic homebrew mod of D&D 4e based on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. The homebrew was created by Bloodghost. You can learn more about it at Bloodghost’s site:


Adaptation of the Dungeon and Dragons 4th Edition, set in the awesome Adventure Time universe. Roles include Doctor, Scientist, Minstrel, Warrior, Thief and Wizard and 16 races include Candy, Bear, Ice, Cloud, Hot Dog, Flame, Lumpy Space, Breakfast, Crystal and more.


In the questionably distant future there exists the Land of Ooo, and it is a place of wonder and mystery populated by goblins, wizards, ogres, candy people, and countless other weird and amazing creatures. It is a world renewed after an unknown cataclysm, a world of magic and heraldry built upon the mysterious ruins of our present. This is the land in which Adventure Time takes place.

Watching Adventure Time isn’t required to play this game, although it will explain some of the lore and will allow player and dungeon master alike to interweave fun and exciting tidbits from the show into their games.

Adventure Time – Session #1

Session Info

Today’s was our first try at playing with the Adventure Time homebrew rules.


Princess Bubblegum is looking for new champions to save Ooo from a dire threat (where are Finn and Jake?) and has called on new heros.

Our brave group of level 1 heroes:

Most of the character drawings were drawn by Skuld (who plays Ignito). Awesome work.


  • Shiny – Warrior from the Crystal Dimension
  • Doc O’Mally – Doctor for hire from the Breakfast Kingdom
  • Ignito – Wizard from the Fire Kingdom
  • Bro Bear – Bear minstrel who does remember much other than his head still hurts.
  • Lux – Daughter of the Dean of Clouds, she is taking a semester abroad to adventure.
  • Raxi – Ghostly thief with a mysterious past (and she is dead)

Session Highlights

  • The group answered the call to come to the Candy Kingdom and help Princess Bubblegum… but they had a little trouble with bandits along the way.
  • When they arrived in the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum was gone and many citizens and most of the Banana Guard were frozen.
  • After some quick investigation (and thawing), the group found out princesses all across Ooo were disappearing. They decided to visit the Ice Kingdom to get to the bottom of things.
  • Our heroes came up with some crazy backstory details,  and rolled for fun stuff such as distracting feral cats from attacking with the smell of tuna, catnapping a cat and chasing someone through a solid wall.
  • What will our heroes waiting for them when they arrive in the Ice Kingdom?