Interview from the Shed – Adventures from the Shed Podcast

At Tribality, we’ve been interviewing some of the people who are behind all the awesome stuff that is being created for tabletop gamers – such as podcasts. I started listening to the Adventures From the Shed podcast last year. I am really excited to bring you an interview with Joe and the rest of the crew from “the Shed”. I was lucky enough to ask Joe and the rest of the cast a ton of questions. I hope you enjoy this interview and please check out their podcast if you like D&D, Dungeon World and rich storytelling.

Talking TableTop for New and Aspiring Game Masters

Once again, James Mcclure and the Talking TableTop podcast hits it out of the park. I’ve been hearing about Darcy Ross since just before GenCon and listened to her brilliant guest appearance on the One Shot Podcast‘s Numenera sessions, so I’ve been looking forward to this interview for weeks. Though we’ve interacted minimally on social media, I’ve developed a serious respect for this GM who also loves to bring the “weirdness” of real biology to the gaming table. What I didn’t know until now is how fascinating her road to GM’ing has been.

More Love for Players

Huge thanks to DM Mitchell and DM Chris for inviting me back to the Dungeon Master’s Block this week with the ever excellent, DM Neal Powell. DM Neal and DM Mainprize host a post-episode discussion on the DMB forum called DMnastics where they take the podcast topics into deeper and more practical realms. They then bring those discussions back to the DMB. This week in a special 30 minute DMnastics, DM Neal and I discuss the follow-up to episode 30, The Player’s Block, delving into what we do both as players and GMs to make a better game for everyone at the table, as well as offer some great Player examples you can listen to yourself, including a love letter to John Patrick Coan and his character on the brilliant One Shot Podcast “Campaign”.

Talking TableTop with Jim McClure

Today you’ll find the first in an incredible series of interviews from Legend of the Five Rings Sensei, Jim McClure. Talking TableTop is a new interview series where Jim dives a little deeper than your normal interview shows. He caught me off guard with intriguing new questions and twists on old classics.  I will neither confirm nor deny that someone shed a tear.


Learning to be Kuhl: GM’ing “Campaign”

“…Kat Kuhl has to adapt to some of the craziest shenanigans I’ve ever heard, and she does so with grace, skill, and aplomb. Listen to One Shot: Campaign…and learn from a Game Master who knows what she’s doing, and doing it under fire.”

I am not a fan of Actual Play podcasts. Or at least I wasn’t until a few months ago. I’ve loved the idea of AP pods for years, but could never find one that grabbed me, even the ones that came highly recommended. Most were poorly (or never) edited, had a lot of dead air, page flipping, rules lawyering, or players who were more intoxicated than interested in playing. Then Shawn here at Tribality got me hooked on the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast and everything changed.

In May, I heard Michael Ross from the brilliant RPG Academy on a DMB episode. We’re both from the Commonwealth of Kentucky so we started a chat on Twitter. It was there he pointed me to James D’Amato and Kat Murphy (now, Kuhl) and the One Shot podcast; specifically the Legend of the Five Rings episodes. I was blown away. [You can read an interview with both here.] Then I heard rumors of a campaign AP podcast from the One Shot folks that used the Edge of the Empire rules I’d been introduced to at GenCon 2014. FFG’s entry into the Star Wars RPG universe is impressive, but learning an innovative new system is easier with a mentor and what I really wanted was a GM to learn from on a regular basis.

Half an episode into One Shot: Campaign my dreams had been answered. Finally, someone sounded like they cared about what they were presenting to an audience. I started ordering the core rulebooks and asking about the best supplements to buy, but this article isn’t about how intriguing the FFG Star Wars system is. In listening to an excellent GM and brilliant players telling hilarious stories I realized the true advantage of AP podcasts in the modern world: you can learn from them.

RPG Academy Interview, Part 2: Giving Old Characters New Edition Life

In Part 2 of my interview on the RPG Academy, Caleb G and I discuss breathing life into classic characters across editions. In celebration of that event, I’ve commissioned some of my favorite artists to interpret my 1st ever RPG character based on the same data.

The first piece is from industry cornerstone, Jacob Blackmon! In this picture, Eagle Eye and Yellowfur are relaxing on the coast of the Border Kingdom, serenading a pair of whales. I love the way he showed Yellowfur being more than an ordinary giant lynx and how he showed the coastline. This is a representation of Eagle Eye as the peaceful warrior, even when he’s had a lifetime (my lifetime, actually) of harsh experiences.

To learn more about Eagle Eye, Yellowfur, and the Border Kingdom, pop over to The RPG Academy and hear me talk about bringing older characters to life in the modern day, and the #EPICevent that will bring 3 podcasts/websites together for your enjoyment.


“Hey, Richard. It’s Rich.”

It’s been an amazing year and I want to take a moment to thank you, the gamers and fans that have helped it be that way, and who continue to encourage all the writers, artists, designers, and producers of games around the world.
Thank you.

Today’s my birthday and it is a particularly special one. Not because of presents, or trips, or dinners, or any of the standard birthday fare. Today is a perfect snapshot of how appreciative I am of my life and much of that is thanks to you, the Tribality fans.

Running a Fantasy Heist – Tribality Writer Shawn on Dungeon Master’s Block

I had an awesome time returning as a guest to talk about running heists with DM Mitch and DM Chris on the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast. We discussed what to steal, exotic locations, plot twists and more.

This week we are once again joined by our bucko, Shawn Ellsworth of Shawn joins us to talk about how to run a successful heist for your players in a fantasy world.