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Neverwinter just got another release for PC called The Cloaked Ascendancy putting players against a group of mages. Players get a new campaign, adventure zone, re-vamped dungeon, skirmish and more. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases will follow later this ...
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Smite Pro League Season 4 for Dummies

For those new to Smite and the Smite Pro League, here is an overview of the upcoming season.
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(War) Craft Until You Hate Yourself

A quick word: this post is about the crafting system of the recent World of Warcraft (hereafter to be called WoW) expansion entitled Legion. I will be discussing the system in depth I am not attempting to spoil things, but ...
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Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder

Neverwinter’s next module is out. In the new Storm King’s Thunder, heroes are called out to Icewind Dale to solve a mystery and recover an ancient artifact of immense power.