If You Were the DM, What Would You Do?

I’m leaving this poll up on the site all summer long and it is my intention to post the results, and my conclusions based on those results, in early September. In the meantime, I’d like to wish a happy and safe summer to everyone.

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In what country do you currently reside?
What RPG franchise do you identify with the most?
How long have you been playing/running RPGs?

Section A: Preparation

When prepping for a new campaign, I usually take ___________.
I normally prep my games for _________ number of players.
I often plan my campaigns to play for __________.
When planning storylines, I borrow from books, stories, movies, television, or other sources _______ of the time.
By the time of the first session, I have usually _______________ the plot/story.

Section B: In Game

When one of my players rolls very badly for their stats I ___________.
When it comes to my sessions, combat usually takes up about _________ of the game time.
When I see characters struggling to win a battle I usually __________.
When I see that one or two characters are much more powerful than the rest I _________.
I would say that five characters should have a total of __________ magical/advanced items by the mid-point of my campaign.

Section C: Out of Game

If I ever caught one of my players deliberately cheating I would __________.
If one of my players wanted to remake their character mid-campaign I would ___________.
If one of my players starts to miss more games than they play, I would __________.
If I have a great idea for a story pop into my head I usually ________.
If a large group of players (10) signed up to play my five person campaign, I would _________.

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