D&D Adventurers League – Playing on Roll20.net

I was speaking with a friend that recently moved, and he now doesn’t have a way to play in the new city. I suggested using online methods to play like Roll20, but he said it wasn’t easy to find a group that is accepting a new player that wants to learn. I talked to him about trying out the Adventurers League games, and that would be a good way to learn with out the weekly commitment to a gaming group. This is fairly new, because the older rules didn’t allow this type of online play.

Death House – Free Adventure for Ravenloft (D&D 5e)

Wizards of the Coast has given us the free adventure Death House to play at home last week as a preview of the Curse of Strahd book coming out this month. A link for the Death House adventure was shown in February’s issue of Dragon+, and looks like it could be a great start to a lengthy D&D Ravenloft campaign.

Curse of Strahd – Adventurers League

Robert Adduci (D&D Adventurers League Community Manager at Wizards of the Coast) has posted the details on all of the upcoming 14 adventures and the Epic for Season 4 – Curse of Strahd. This includes location of Conventions that the adventures are premiering, levels, playtime, and when they will be available for download.

Check it all out here: http://dndadventurersleague.org/curse-of-strahd-adventures

Curse of Strahd - Logo

Oriental Adventures – Ninja

Since I first put together a Ninja build last year, I’ve done some formatting changes with how I present characters on Tribality. So going back I wanted to reformat the Ninja and with this layout, the Ninja can be used to play at the table listing all of the actions that can be made during combat. I didn’t want to make a complete rehash, so I went ahead and leveled up the Rogue to 5th level. I also found some things I wanted to change and add details on dealing with things like poisons. Then I added an Uncommon magic item with Mochizuki being level 5.

This is Mochizuki Ishikawa, Ninja from the Iga Clan – The Shadow Assassins. A 5th Level Rogue-Assassin:

Gen Con – D&D Adventurers League

We are signed up for D&D Adventurers League All-Access Pass games (run by Baldman Games). The four of us all ready to go. Well actually, I wasn’t. In preparation for the four games, I have to choose a player character to use. It’s not that easy, because there are so many good choices that I can make. I need to choose something a little different than I usually play. Right now, I have three main AL characters that I have been playing since the last GenCon, a halfling rogue (my favorite), an elf multi-class wizard/cleric, and a human fighter. All three of them have reached a higher tier than my teammates, and I need to put together a fourth character. Choices, choices, so many choices…