Widow’s Walk – A Betrayal at House on the Hill Expansion by Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill recently released Widow’s Walk Expansion for the popular board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. The main game has a lot of replay with the numerous haunts and game board changes each time you play. We have had the original game for a while, and now with the expansion, we are excited to add 50 more haunts, room tiles to the game, additional cards, and another floor to explore in the house. Widow’s Walk released October 14th, and I would recommend that if you don’t have House on he Hill then you pick it up, and the expansion.  You will need the base game in order to play with the expansion.

betrayal_gallery_2_0If you have never played Betrayal at House on the Hill, it is not a complicated game, and I think the rules are easy to understand. It is a perfect cooperative game to play during your game night for 3 to 6 people, and when we play a game usually lasts about an hour. After playing the expansion for a few sessions, I have to say that the new expansion haunts are incredible. They blend well with the previous haunts from the original game. They’ve added a dumbwaiter to some rooms; so players can travel between floors more easily, as well as additional tokens that can help with room ability tracking and new monsters.  We have only played through a fraction of the haunts so far, but it is nice to now have 100 haunt scenarios and just make this great game better!

There is also a special bonus “mega haunt” that is triggered when all of the explorers have completed specific haunts.

You can pick up the game on Amazon here: