Tribality Publishing – Pirate Adventurers

Ahoy Lubber!

We are very excited to announce that have a new publication on this afternoon. This is the second product that we’ve released: Pirate Adventurers for 5th edition written by Shawn Ellsworth! Pirate Adventurers has player character options for 5th edition to create pirate themed characters. These options put together by Shawn can be used to play an entire campaign in a pirate setting, or just to provide a player with more pirate flavored options than provided by core 5th edition materials.


You can get a copy through our Publisher’s page or with this direct link: Pirate Adventurers. If you’ve been a Patreon with us for a while, we will be sending coupons out to you very soon. Thanks to everyone that has helped us to this point, and we are working on our next product by Rich Howard upcoming in a few weeks.



Weapons for a D&D 5e Pirate Campaign Setting

Ahoy! This week on the Campaign Trail we set sail on a journey to hunt down Weapons for a D&D 5e Pirate Campaign Setting. As my seafaring campaign nears its end, I’ve been taking a look back at all the materials I created and collected over the course of the campaign. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my materials with you lubbers that I found useful. While this list is geared towards outfitting swashbuckling pirates and privateers, you could use it to add guns (inspired by those used during the late 18th century) to any campaign, you scallywag.