Extra Life & First Two Storm King’s Thunder Previews

Wizards of the Coast has announced that it will be running its fourth Extra Life event with a goal of making $50,000 or more to add to the already $200,000 they have raised in support for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals over the past 3 Extra Life events. The 24-hour marathon starts at 8am PST on Friday, September 16th, and will feature 6 in-house teams throughout the weekend. Depending on how much is raised, we’ll be seeing a number of previews from Storm King’s Thunder, including the first 2 previews which are now unlocked… d100 table for Items in a Giant’s Bag and Appendix A: Linked Adventures. 

Extra Life – Play Games. Heal Kids. 2015

Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life Team

The Extra Life charity event planning has finalized, and the Dungeons & Dragons Team from Wizards of the Coast is taking on an increased goal of $100,000 donations this year for Extra Life. They will be playing D&D for 48 hours with an inaugural Extra-Life Table Top Appreciation Weekend. The WotC D&D game will be broadcast on twitch.tv/wotc_dnd starting on Friday, October 2, at 8 PM Pacific and running until Sunday, October 4, 8 PM Pacific.

Members of the D&D Extra Life team who raise $50 and respond to a survey after the event will receive a promotional certificate for use in D&D Adventurers League play. You can join their team here. I am a participant on the team, and I have a goal of $200.