Playing a Commoner and Loving It

So yeah… I *literally* wrote the book on playing commoners. And I had a blast doing it. Here’s why you should buy my book.

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Sometimes tabletop roleplaying games have a power problem, and it limits the imagination of what’s possible in play. Every character can seem ‘special’ and destined for greatness in a way that makes them (ironically) only more ordinary. Depending on your table, character choices can be constantly analyzed for ‘optimization’ to eke out a few extra damage from what is already a demigod of war. But sometimes, you don’t want to tell stories about superheroes. Sometimes you want to tell stories about regular joes called upon to do great things while still playing with the biggest and most robust tabletop RPG ruleset available (Pathfinder/3.5). And that’s where The Ultimate Adequate Commoner comes