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Breezango and Playing Comic NPCs Correctly

A look at the WWE tag-team of Breezango, and how to leverage them in your table-top games.
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The Monk Class, Part Four

After a hiatus of more than two months, welcome back to the History of the Monk Class. Last ...
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The Fifth Element and Homebrewed Campaign Worlds

A look at The Fifth Element, and how to create your own awesome world.
Video Games

Dungeon Chess – Play D&D Chess on Oculus Rift and ...

Do you like chess and Dungeons & Dragons? Today is your lucky day! Experiment 7’s Dungeon Chess is ...

Catalyst Game Labs Partners With Wizards of the Coast On ...

Press Release: Catalyst Game Labs is exceptionally excited and honored to publish Dragonfire, a cooperative deckbuilder game based ...
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Hot Fuzz and the Pursuit of Perfection

A look at the pursuit of tabletop character perfection through the lens of Hot Fuzz.

Wizkids – Dungeons & Dragons Nolzurā€™s Marvelous Miniatures

WizKids brand new line of unpainted miniatures, featuring more than 150 unique fantasy sculpts is has been released.
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Roman Reigns and the Perils of NPC Course Correction

A look at how the career trajectory of Roman Reigns parallels players rejecting NPCs in tabletop games.
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D&D Adventurers League – Top 20 Adventures

This weekend I volunteered to run some games for a local charity gaming convention. The Save Vs. Hunger ...
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Planescape: Torment and Personal Stories in Tabletop

A look at how one of the best video games of all time used a cosmic setting to ...