Get to Know the Crossroads

After a diversion into some discussion of Nemesis, I return this week to encourage people to get to know things. In the name of this spooky season, I am continuing with demons, devils, ghoulies, ghosties, goblins, and so forth. Ok, so I covered a type of devil and scarecrows thus far for the month and that’s it. Whatever, let’s not make a big deal about it. Rather than discuss a particular creature, I wanted to instead talk about the folklore of the crossroads, and the supernatural beings that are said to patronize them. Don’t worry, there will be some discussion of D&D critters, though maybe not the ones you think. If you’ve missed the rest of the series so far, you can catch up with it here.

D&D Rage of Demons – 8 DEMON LORDS REVEALED!!!

Along with a first look at the D&D 5e new storyline in Adventurers League, The Demon Lords have been released at Gen Con!!! And here is a list with a photo of each of their one sheets below the break…

  • Baphomet [BA-fo-met] The Horned King
  • Demogorgon [DEE-mo-gor-gun] Prince of Demons
  • Fraz-Urb’luu [fraz-URB-loo] The Prince of Deception
  • Graz’zt [grazt] The Dark Prince
  • Juiblex [JOO-ee-blex] The Faceless Lord
  • Orcus [OR-cus] Demon Prince of the Undead
  • Yeenoghu [YEE-no-goo] Demon Lord of Gnolls
  • Zuggtmoy [ZUG-t-moy] Demon Queen of Fungi