Jurassic World Raptors – D&D 5e Homebrew Monster

Last week on the Campaign Trail I published my homebrew build of Indominus Rex inspired by the movie Jurassic World. In the past I also posted a couple of dinosaur related articles (Prehistoric/Lost World Campaign Setting and D&D 5e Monster for a Prehistoric Encounter) and I’m still not done with dinosaurs just yet. As I was thinking of setting up an encounter with Indominus Rex, I decided I needed a pack of raptors too. D&D 5e’s Monster Manual has a good bunch of dinosaurs (or behemoths if you like), but no velociraptor. Here’s my attempt to create a velociraptor for D&D 5e inspired by the Jurassic Park series of movies and previous “raptors” from D&D such as the 4th edition Deathclaw Behemoth and Pathfinder’s Velociraptor and Deinonychus.