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Planar Diseases

Three diseases you might encounter in the planes.
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Plane Shift: Amonkhet Breakdown

James Wyatt recently released the fourth conversion of a Magic: the Gathering setting to D&D 5e. Amonkhet is ...
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Planescape: Keys, Portals, and Complications

One of my favorite conceits of the Planescape setting is that anything might be a portal to somewhere ...
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UA: Greyhawk Initiative Breakdown

Several weeks ago in Twitter, Mearls explained a variant initiative system that he had been playing round with, ...
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – The Red Death and Sensates

5e backgrounds for two Planescape Factions: The Mercykillers and the Society of Sensation.
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – Defiers and Godsmen

Player backgrounds for the Athar and Believers of the Source factions.
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Magic Item Special Features for Planescape Campaigns

Some of my favorite things in the 5e DMG are the Special Features charts for magic items. They ...
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TOMB OF ANNIHILATION Preview – Next D&D Storyline

During the Stream of Annilhilation event this weekend in Seattle, Wizards of the Coast announced Tomb of Annilihation, ...
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Stream of Annihilation – D&D’s New Story Unveiled

Over the next 2 days from 10am-10pm PT “a bunch of D&D streamers and luminaries” will be hanging ...