Drafting in the MF0 Universe

Drafting; where each player starts with a set number of booster packs and makes a deck from them, is a much-loved variant in the world of trading card games. In tabletops, this is a little more difficult as there are usually well-defined tracks for each player to move through in the form of classes. Randomizing stats is common, but randomizing abilities, even within a single class, could quickly lead to characters that are essentially unplayable.

But what about a tabletop war-game like Mobile Frame Zero? I submit that this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Small sets can easily take the place of booster packs, and the rules for frames are loose enough that you can build a decently equipped army out of a random collection of parts. There are plenty of ways to draft MF0, depending on your budget and how difficult you want army building to be.