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Combatting the Far Realm: The Zodiac and the Celestial Sorcerer

The first in an ongoing look at developing story and lore for the Far Realm. The overarching goal ...
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Druids and the Druid Council

Druids. Guardians of the Wilderness, Seekers of Natures secrets, and Wielders of her Fury. Druids can be an ...
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Relative Moralism in Games

Before there was fire, there were Dragons. The fire brought heat, but those who did not possess it ...
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Modular Base Construction in D&D 5e

If domain management daunts you, take a look at some RTS-inspired guidelines for module base construction for use ...
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Thieves’ Guilds

Rogues guilds can be more than a pack of thugs your heroes plough through on the way to ...
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Alternative Death and Resurrection Systems for 5e

Death in D&D tends to come in two flavors: the salty tang of a total party kill (sometimes ...
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I am the night! – Batman RPG Campaign

You’ve read the comics or seen the movies, now let’s talk about how to do a Batman style ...
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Mind Flayers – The Illithid

Illithids, or Mind Flayers, are alien or aberrations, so they can live a long time. So these long ...
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Five Harvest-Themed Cursed Items

A look at five harvest-themed cursed items for use in 5e games.
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Ketchup on sourcing the table -Cooperative Gaming

One way to make games spontaneous and thriving is to draw upon ideas of the whole group. Examples ...