Let’s Get Digital! ePubs in the RPG Industry

This weekend we have a quest post for Senda from the She’s a Super Geek podcast.

We all know it, RPGs are a hobby that can require massive amounts of shelf space.  Sure, some of the books (Fate Core, for instance) are reasonable sizes, but we tend to go for large, bombastic, glossy covers, thick paper, and so very much art. They’re great visually, they’re nice to hold in your hands, and as a perk most of them are big enough to write on if you’re short on table space.  It’s an expected medium for RPGs these days, and they’re wonderful to own.

We also live in a blooming renaissance of role playing games. I don’t think I can overstate my excitement about this.  So many games!  So little time! And also… I honestly cannot fit every title I’m interested in on my bookshelf. Despite having an office lined with shelving  (as opposed to actual functional furniture like, say, a desk – perhaps this room is better termed “library”), there is simply not enough shelf space.