War of Ashes – Fate of Agaptus

A new FATE RPG from Evil Hat is here. The hardcover book will be available this September, and you can preorder the book now and receive the pdf. Here is the game description from the website:

war of ashesWelcome to the War of Ashes RPG: Fate of Agaptus! This “grimsical” minis-friendly tabletop RPG is based on the popular miniature game. Head off to adventure in a world where the inhabitants might look cute and cuddly but often carry pointy objects with which they might just decide to stab you. Play as a determined Elvorix, a vengeful Vidaar, a militaristic Jaarl, or a ravenous Kuld. Stage Romanic-style battles and then celebrate your victory with a pint of kogg.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including:

  • Fate-style lightweight approaches combined with detailed minis-compatible combat to get the best of both worlds.
  • Character generation instructions and even sample characters to get you started on a romp across Agapta.
  • A bestiary full of interesting creatures that you can tame, hunt, or light on fire.
  • Plenty of settings and stories to fuel your campaigns.

Fate for d20 Dummies & Being a Better GM

Michael recently wrote about his experience jumping into a Fate game. I love D&D and I really can’t see myself running a full campaign in anything else right now. Over the last year, I’ve run a little bit of Fate here and there and it is a much different game from D&D/Pathfinder. This week for my Campaign Trail column I thought I would look at what is Fate and how can it help make you a better GM (and player).

FATE Core System

I’ve been meaning to read the FATE rules. I have all of the FATE in electronic format and purchased them through DriveThruRPG.com. I didn’t print them off, and they sit in my online library. I think I purchased them over a year ago (Yeah, my order says 02/22/2014). I would look through them a little bit, and I’ve always wanted to sit down and play, and I’ve heard a lot great things about the game, and… but it takes some commitment to learn some new rules and method of play. I put it on my to-do list.