Unearthed Arcana Analysis: Feats

It’s the first Monday in a month, so that means we have arcana to unearth! This time, Mearls is talking about feats, and that’s lucky, because I damn near think the fanbase was going to go into revolt if we didn’t see some new feats soon. The article opens with a discussion of feat design philosophy, which I think is excellent, and continues into several use cases – a total of eight feats and one discarded draft. At five pages, the article is short enough that I’ll do a pretty deep dive into critiquing it.

New 5e Feats – Advanced Healer, Martial Arts Training, Survivalist

One of my favorite parts about 5th edition is the incorporation of soft-multiclassing feats which allow players to create a variety of themes without watering down their core class. One of my least favorite things is how Medicine is a throw-away skill not worthy of the slot. These feats originally appeared on www.gameschangelives.com and are presented here with significant playtest edits.

Using Feats in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Do you allow feats in your campaigns?

When creating a character in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition you have the option of taking Feats instead of taking an ability score increase at level 4, 8, 12, 16, 19. There is also an optional rule that allows human characters to take a feat is they are allowed to use the Variant Human Traits (p. 31 of the Player’s Handbook). Some DMs even allow all their players to select a feat at various points in character leveling such as at level 1 and/or level 10.

For my campaign, I am asking my players when selecting a feat to try to select ones that work into their character’s story, rather than simply helping them create the most powerful character possible.

Here are some homebrew feats I created specifically for my Seas of Vodari campaign, which I am in the process of tweaking. Let us know what you think of feats, my rough feats below OR submit your own feats in the comments.