Gambling in RPG Games

If you have ever heard your players talk about gambling during downtime for their characters, then you might not know how to handle it. A quick & dirty way is to ask them, “How much do you want to wager for an hour (or entire night)?” Then roll some percentile dice; roll from 1 to 75 they lose money, 76 to 100 they win money.  Set the payout multiplier to 1d6. Use that odds multiplier, and then tell them how much lost or won for the hour(or night). A player risks losing more than they start out wagering because that’s how gambling works. People keep gambling, because they are trying to win back what they’ve lost.

As an example, a player wants to wager 100 blue dragons (whatever you call your money). They roll a 74, and the payout is set by rolling a d6 which results in a 3. So they lose a total 300 blue dragons (3x their starting 100 wager). If they don’t

D&D Slot Machine Review

ENWorld already posted this. But I thought I’d share it too.

Konami Gaming Inc. is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers and designers of slot and casino machines. The company recently announced that it is joining hands with Hasbro Inc., in order to design and manufacture for the popular brand, Dungeons and Dragons. The leading game and toy manufacturers have released the game to the public and is already popular for its huge cast of characters, vast and enchanting worlds, and engaging stories.

The game has undergone quite a number of changes, so it is hard for a veteran D&D player to go about without being awestruck. The subscription rates for this game rose by forty percent soon as this new version was released online