GenCon 2016 – Tribality Schedules

So, another year, another GENCON, and Michael Long and Rich Howard will be in attendance.  If you’d like to say “Hi”, please do. If you see Michael wandering the halls, then ask to see if he has anymore of those Tribality Patches to give out. You can also get a hold of Rich and Michael on Twitter while at the convention: @umbralwalker, @mrlong and see where they are.

This year will feel very different than previous. Rich is starting a new Job and kicking his gaming design career into high gear, Michael is getting quite a bit of meetings with game companies & designers, and Tribality was nominated for an award this year.

Jeremy Crawford Interview – Gen Con 2015

The four days at Gen Con started off great! On the first day, I was able to sit down and speak with Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy is one of the lead designers of D&D 5th edition. Tribality readers should also recognized Jeremy Crawford with his great efforts on Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and Blue Rose.

We met in the Gen Con Hall D Dungeons & Dragons game area, and we were surrounded by people that were playing D&D Adventurers League games through Baldman Games, and Jeremy had just completed a meet & greet with Mike Mearls for D&D players.  We were joined by Matt Lemke of Through Gamer Goggles.

Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Award Winners!

In case anyone missed it, the ENnies award ceremony took place on July 31, 2015. The ENnies award ceremony is a time to spend a night to celebrate with the award winners at Gen Con. Wizards of the Coast really cleaned up with 15 well deserved gold awards, for their D&D 5th edition products. I’m really happy to see Roll20 win gold for Best Software, it’s a great product I’ve been using for my weekly game of D&D for over 2 years.

Gen Con 2015 Continues Six-Year Streak of Record-Breaking Growth

INDIANAPOLIS (August 3, 2015) Gen Con 2015 has set an all-new attendance record with a unique attendance of 61,423 and a turnstile attendance of 197,695, creating a six-year span of record growth. Since 2010, Gen Con has more than doubled in attendance. Year-over-year, Gen Con has experienced 9% attendance growth, primarily driven by 4-Day and Family Fun Day badge sales. Gen Con also has raised more than $38,500 for the convention’s Official 2015 Charity, The Julian Center.

D&D Rage of Demons – 8 DEMON LORDS REVEALED!!!

Along with a first look at the D&D 5e new storyline in Adventurers League, The Demon Lords have been released at Gen Con!!! And here is a list with a photo of each of their one sheets below the break…

  • Baphomet [BA-fo-met] The Horned King
  • Demogorgon [DEE-mo-gor-gun] Prince of Demons
  • Fraz-Urb’luu [fraz-URB-loo] The Prince of Deception
  • Graz’zt [grazt] The Dark Prince
  • Juiblex [JOO-ee-blex] The Faceless Lord
  • Orcus [OR-cus] Demon Prince of the Undead
  • Yeenoghu [YEE-no-goo] Demon Lord of Gnolls
  • Zuggtmoy [ZUG-t-moy] Demon Queen of Fungi