Running a Fantasy Heist – Tribality Writer Shawn on Dungeon Master’s Block

I had an awesome time returning as a guest to talk about running heists with DM Mitch and DM Chris on the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast. We discussed what to steal, exotic locations, plot twists and more.

This week we are once again joined by our bucko, Shawn Ellsworth of Shawn joins us to talk about how to run a successful heist for your players in a fantasy world.

5 Ideas on How to Run a Heist

A heist is a theft with a focus on planning, execution and the aftermath. Heists are a classic scenario that is common in movies, television and books, but they’re a scenario that’s rarely seen in tabletop RPG games. We all know what a heist is and have enjoyed movies such as Ocean’s 11, Fast Five, The Italian Job and National Treasure, but as GMs we might not know when and how to actually run a heist in our game. In this article, I’ll provide 5 ideas to help you run a heist in any setting from fantasy to sci-fi.