Trapdoor Technologies – Free Pathfinder App for iOS (iPad only)

They’re back.

After not reaching a hefty $425k goal on Kickstarter, Trapdoor Technologies as they promised this past January, went forward and produced a free App for use with Pathfinder RPG.

It has been over a year after I first saw Morningstar being demo’ed at Gen Con 2014 in the D&D gaming area, and being used in Adventurers League Games, then afterwards Wizards of the Coast pulled support for it. 🙁

But DungeonScape/Morningstar has been reborn, and now we have Playbook (for PRD) on iTunes. It is currently a free App with two free in-app purchases: PRD Monsters & PRD Rulebook. It touts that “Playbook integrates all the components of a complex tabletop roleplaying game into a single application that can be run on your iPad” 🙂