Star Wars Jedi – D&D 5e Homebrew

Last year I put together a Rules as Written (RAW) character build that could be used for D&D 5th edition to play a Jedi. After putting it together, there were a lot of great comments and critiques, and one that stuck with me was I didn’t have any of the specific Force powers. I had mainly focused on fighting with a lightsaber, and using the monk’s Ki powers to simulate use of jedi powers. But nothing screamed out JEDI!

Since this week is pretty special with the release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, I want to keep what I did with the lightsaber with some tweaks, but now I want to create a pure Monk archetype for the Lightside, and hopefully later use that to create a template for a Darkside archetype later. Sound cool? I think so, and here is the Path of the Jedi D&D 5th edition Monk Archetype Homebrew that I put together.