The Naga: A History of Slithery Snakes in RPGs

This week we have a guest post by Clave Jones looking at the history of the Naga.

Indiana Jones famously hated snakes. But no one hates snakes more than my dad. Luckily, my dad has never ran across a Naga, or he’d absolutely flip his lid. Naga is sanskrit for snake, which already tells us a lot. But while we are at it, why don’t we dig into Naga lore a bit more deeply, exploring the origins of the Naga, a staple of many of our favorite RPGs.

The Lore of Lost Mine of Phandelver

“Lost Mine of Phandelver” is, at least right now, probably the most widely played adventure in 5th edition D&D. As the adventure promises, you don’t need to be a Forgotten Realms expert to run it – but maybe some of this will interest you. This article cross-references a lot of the more obscure Realmslore that shows up in the adventure, brings up points of Realmslore you might want to mention during the course of play, and suggests ways to use it to keep the adventure fresh, if you find yourself running it repeatedly.