Plane Shift: Innistrad Breakdown

There’s no new Unearthed Arcana yet this month, and maybe we’re not getting one – but we have something at least as good, and that’s James Wyatt’s new adaptation of a Magic: the Gathering plane to D&D 5e. This was announced, um, Monday I think, and released yesterday. If you’re not familiar with Innistrad, it’s a plane of Gothic horror, and it got priority over other planes because Curse of Strahd is the most recent release from the D&D side of WotC. I take the view that this is a particular blessing because we can’t expect to see another official release for the Domain of Dread anytime soon.

Magic: First Steps into Competitive Play

Today, I’m writing something special, outside of the purview of my usual work in the Eye of the Beholder. Today, I’m talking about how to pick up Magic: The Gathering, and begin to play it more actively. As a bit of background, I’m a competitive MTG (Short for Magic: The Gathering) player. I’ve played at quite a few very large events, including GP Vegas, which I wrote a tournament report for. Now, I decided to talk a little about how to get “into” Magic.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Masters Weekend

Make Magic History!

That’s what tens of thousands of Magic: The Gathering players and fans will be doing at the end of this month when the biggest Magic Premier Play event ever comes to three continents across the globe.

Magic the Gathering modern masters weekend

Taking place May 28-31, Modern Masters Weekend will be a visual and competition-filled spectacle, simultaneously taking place in Las Vegas, Chiba, Japan and Utrecht, Netherlands over the course of one weekend. This unprecedented worldwide event is expected to draw 20,000+ players across the three locations, with hundreds of thousands of fans watching in real-time on Twitch.  A testament to the passionate global Magic: The Gathering community, round-the-clock coverage will highlight some truly amazing player stories – including four couples who will tie the knot during the weekend!

Magic: The Gathering announces Magic Origins

New Set to Release on July 17
Marks Pivotal Moment in Magic’s History and Lore

February 9, 2015RENTON, WA – Wizards of the Coast announced today Magic Origins, a new Magic: The Gathering set releasing this July. This pivotal new set reveals the origin stories of five of Magic‘s most beloved Planeswalker characters.