5th edition Alchemists (Artificer, Metamorph, Poisoner)

[The Alchemist originally appeared at www.gameschangelives.com, and has been updated here to include new playtest information. Five (5) additional alchemical traditions will be posting here in Rich’s Gameroom over the next few months.]

About the Alchemist

The alchemist for 5th edition includes a wide range of archetypes that build, treat, or transform objects or creatures to create magical or semi-magical effects. The alchemist class uses the standard spells from the Player’s Handbook, though their special effects can be modified to represent the style and flavor of each alchemical tradition. Mordenkanin’s faithful hound used by an artificer alchemist is more likely a clockwork creature than a beast made of force, and his mage armor could be a force-field belt or strips of hard but ultra-light metal held together by magnetism. An enlarge mixture created by a metamorph alchemist could make the target more bestial looking, while a jump effect may give them cosmetic insect-like qualities. A poisoner alchemist’s circle of death is likely a cloud of lethal vapor that absorbs through the skin as well as the lungs, while their see invisibility may be the side-effect of a hallucinogenic berry that opens the mind to things the eyes can’t normally perceive.